March 2017 Harvest Cottage

The start of Autumn and the crisp evening air is changing the colour of the hydrangeas and making the apples even tastier. The grass will soon start to grow again and the mower is in desperate need of a service. 


Flowers doing their thing- Buddlia, Sedum, Agapanthus(nearly done), flowering gum, Roses-still

Vegies that we are eating- Zucchini, lettuce, carrots, cucumber, potatoes, rhubarb, basil(not really a vegetable), cabbage, broccoli, beetroots, apples, figs.

Vegetable disappointments- tomatoes(again), chillies- lots of fruit not enough heat and sun to make them hot, nectarines -not enough water I think. Most of them on the ground

What we are planting in the veg patch- Racquet, brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, peas. We are getting ready to plant garlic before the summer solstice and the broad beens will go in soon too.

Best way to eat Zucchini, thin slices on the BBQ, little olive oil and salt. YUM

Flower planting- Hyderangea, you can never have enough if you have the water to get them through summer. More boodle, sedum and mock orange. Will propergate some more lemon geranium and salvias. Just got to work out the rabbit proofing. the rabbits are a big problem this year, they are eating everything.

Tree planting- 20 Olives, love to plant some cider appeals(probably next year) 50 boobiels. 

Art news

Back to painting with Linda Gibbs and the ever talented group of painters that meet every Tuesday. Hard to get back into it after the break. First day in and went home a little frustrated. Have pulled myself together since and ready for action with new pictures of the hot summer country side for some landscape works. Would like to aim for five by the end of the year. 

Harvest Cottage,

The cottage is being loved by all those that visit. Lots of guests form Airbnb and friends that make it out of the city. 





Catherine Freemantle