Love of Dahlias - Digging up- July 2019

Cafe au lait with happy bees

Cafe au lait with happy bees

For the love of Dahlias. What is known to some as an old ladies flower, this beauty is making a come back. Loved and lusted over by many, this flower is now being grown by florist farmers all over the world, bringing it back to life after many years of being the Nanna in the garden. The passionate farmers and gardeners are unleashing a colour spectrum like no other, with new seedling varieties happening every year. Dahlias have perfectly arranged petals that uncurl and fold with precision. The colour range is overwhelming and the different flower shapes are numerous. These flowers are the bees knees and the more you pick them the more they flower.

Today I am looking ahead to summer when the dahlias are in bloom, It’s July now and it’s time to lift the tubers. This is a muddy, messy, heavy job, digging around the tubers and calmly lifting so as not to break any necks as you lift them out. Under each plant there are approximatly 6/9 new plants, from 1 to 6 new plants in one growing season. The aim is for there to be no more grass at our place, just flowers.

From the brown to full colour, these plants love to be fed, love water and well drained soil. Full sun and a stake to protect them from windy weather. This sequence of pictures shows the lush colourful plants in summer/autumn, what happens after a frost in the winter, after the cutting back of the dead stems and digging them up out of the ground. These clumps will sit in the shed till the stems fully dry out. Then I will divide and store them, ready for planting in about October. Still very much learning about the dividing and storage stage, last year was a bit of a disaster, can only improve. The last picture is a bit of fun, always a florist. What do you do with all the broken tubers, make an arrangement and enjoy the beauty. Apparently you can eat them, haven’t as yet.

The pictures underneath are from the flowering season just passed. Can’t wait till it starts all over again xxx